Northway Takeaway: Our Story of Rebirth

You’ll often hear family-owned restaurants taking great pride in how many years it has been since they were established–so why don’t takeaways do the same? If you’ve been in the neighbourhood for some time, you may remember us from as far back as the 1980s. Recently, after a couple of years out, we have completely refurbished to become the cleanest kitchen and best takeaway in Maghull.

Maghull Fish Bar: Committed to Good Food

It’s no surprise that Britain is world-renowned for its fish and chips. Most of us could live to be a hundred without ever getting bored of it. If you’re looking for food places, then our chippy delivery is always going to be a crowd-pleaser. We’ve come a long way from where we started, but we haven’t forgotten our roots.

The Best Takeaway in Liverpool

Most takeaways stay in one lane, and that’s fine–but we are known for everything. Whether it’s chippy tea you want, if the vote has gone in favour of Chinese, or if it’s a burger and kebab night, we are thrilled to serve you. We can deliver whatever you fancy, and there’s no quality lost in our eclectic menu–it’s all as good if not better than the top dedicated cuisine takeaway you know.

Enough About Us–What Do You Fancy?

Now that you know what we offer and where we come from, it’s time to put the saucepan down and give us a call. Whatever you want to eat tonight or for your big Saturday night takeaway, we’ll bring delicious, fresh food from our spotless kitchen right to your door. Give us a call or order online and through our app.
We are open every day of the week:

Monday – Tuesday and Thursday – Sunday 16:00-22:30

We are now closed on Wednesdays

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